Especially during these unprecedented times... 
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Virgin Media
Our priority is to keep you connected
Every day, people, businesses and public services rely on Virgin Media to stay connected. In times like these, it’s more important than ever to keep things running smoothly – and we’re focused on doing just that.

Our priorities are to continue providing you with the very best customer care, to keep you up to date with the latest news and information in this fast-moving situation, and to help you stay entertained. Whilst doing this, we’re also ensuring we protect everyone we work with.
Staying connected
Whether you’re working from home, virtual learning or dealing with more online traffic in your home – we’ll keep you connected. Our broadband is delivered through our own network and has the capacity to handle spikes and shifts in usage patterns at any time of the day. We also know that keeping in touch is so important right now, which is why Virgin Mobile customers can make the most of their recently increased fair usage allowances to do just that. Our network connectivity team is also supporting projects for key Government departments, Hospitals and the Army as they deal with the crisis.
Staying in the know
Virgin Media Television is playing a critical role in keeping the nation connected and informed during this unprecedented global crisis. Our studios are also operating with a minimised studio team who are adhering to social distancing guidelines and utilising video conferencing solutions for guest interviews where possible. Our dedicated reporting and editorial teams are bringing trusted news and current affairs to you every day, along with increased coverage in line with our public service broadcasting role.
Staying entertained
We know that being stuck indoors can be challenging, especially when the whole family is impacted, so we’re making sure that you stay entertained. Virgin TV customers can continue to sit back and enjoy live TV schedules, box sets, movies, catch-up services and Netflix access. So, whether it’s downtime after a busy day, keeping the kids entertained or a welcome distraction to pass the time, we’ve got you covered.
Staying in touch
As ever, we’re here for you when you need it. Like all businesses impacted by this crisis, we’re adapting to the government and HSE guidance and finding new, innovative ways of working to keep services running. Our Technicians are still making essential visits to customer homes for repairs or installs that can’t be completed over the phone or through video. They have safety equipment in place and are keeping within social distancing guidelines. Our call centre team members are now all set up to work from home so that we’re here to support you, but please do bear with us as responses may take a little longer than usual.
You can easily access support online through dedicated help sections, manage your account online through My Virgin Media, plus we’ve got WhatsApp as an option to make things as convenient as possible. If you can use these digital channels for support, please do, it will help us to prioritise calls for those who need it most.
I am immensely proud of our team’s dedication to ensure we continue delivering connectivity and services to you throughout this crisis. On behalf of all the Virgin Media team, a big thank you to our customers and viewers for your support and patience at this exceptional time.
Stay safe, stay connected,
Tony Hanway
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